Monday, January 09, 2012

Two More Challenges

I'm joining two more challenges this winter, and then I think I've got to call a halt to this challenge thing for a bit.  The first one is The Comment Challenge hosted by MotherReader and Lee Wind, and its goal is to encourage commenting on others' blogs.  MotherReader says:
Since it is said that it takes twenty-one days to form a new habit, we’re going to run the Comment Challenge for the next three weeks — starting Thursday, January 5, and running through Wednesday, January 25, 2012. The goal is to comment on at least five book blogs a day. Keep track of your numbers, and report in on Wednesdays with Lee.
I'm posting about this after the starting date, but if you're interested in joining, it's not too late!  You can either up your average comments a day, or set your own goal.  Come & join the fun!

The second challenge is on the Reading Circle, which is an online book group that I co-moderate.  (You'll find the link in my sidebar.)  We are doing a Classics Challenge this winter; each of us participating will recommend 2-5 classic novels, and then all of our lists will go into a hat.  We'll pull them out and match readers to lists.  The only requirement is to read one book from the list received and then share your thoughts with the group.  This is open to others, too!  Recommendations need to be posted by this Friday, January 13.


alice@Supratentorial said...

Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog! It's always lovely to get comments. I saw that challenge at Mother Reader and while not officially participating I am trying to participate more in the social part of blogging this year, especially within the book blogging community.

Caryl said...

It looks like you've had a great blogging routine going for awhile, Alice! I'm glad I discovered your blog; we have some similar reading interests, which is always fun. :)

Michelle said...

I just saw the comment challenge too. I'm not officially signed up, but I have been making a point of commenting on the "52 books" blogs I visit instead of lurking so much. Comments are fun!!

Jim Randolph said...

Welcome to the comment challenge!

Caryl said...

That's great, Michelle! And thanks for the welcome, Jim. I'm loving the challenge. I think it will get me in the habit of commenting more. I should be encouraging all of the great bloggers I read!