Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Readolutions 2007

1. I will read at least 40 books.
2. I will buy fewer books.
3. When I buy books, I will do my best to buy independent/used.
4. I will organize my book shelves.
5. I will read several of my shelf-sitters.
6. I will find a new home for some of my books.
7. I will read all of this year's Reading Circle group reads, and reply to all of the discussion threads.
8. I will post every week on the Reading Circle.
9. I will keep my reading journal up-to-date.
10. I will post on this blog regularly -- whatever that turns out to be.
11. I will keep my Amazon wish list updated.
12. I will keep a TBR list.
13. I will keep a "books purchased/received" list.
14. I will participate in BAFAB week at least once this year.