Thursday, January 01, 2015

My 2015 Readolutions

I believe I will keep most of the ones I made last year, with the caveat that I, first and foremost, will just immerse myself in the joys and challenges of reading and the comfort and brilliance of books.

Goodreads goal: Read 100 books in 2015. This includes middle grade and YA books I read with my kids and for the book clubs I co-lead.

I will read at least 25 shelf-sitters this year! I *still* have too many books on the shelves that I've been neglecting. Included in this goal is to read at least three of my Persephone books.

I will continue to read with my kids. Same as last year: the three of us read a chapter book together just about every night.  I also read books alongside Skye for our mother-daughter book group and our teen book club at the library, and we discuss together; and I've been reading chapter books aloud with Felix, some for the kids book club at the library.  I'd like to find more time for us to look at picture books together, which they both still love.  I hope they always do!

I will keep up with the reading for my book clubs!  My online book club will be doing some fun challenges this year. My IRL book club has been a blast. And I adore the kids & teen book clubs I co-lead at my neighborhood library.

I will track my reading on Goodreads. Same as last year: this has been a great resource for me. I really enjoy being able to look back at what I've read, putting books onto different "shelves," and I love seeing updates about what my friends are reading.

I will post much more on this blog.  Again, I'd like to spend more time writing. I will try to come up with some regular features for my posts here, which seems to make it easier for me.