Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bring on the Book Battles!

I love this time of year.  'Tis the season of the book battles!  I like to follow these four:

The Cybils:  Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards

They announced the finalists on New Year's Day, and the winners will be announced on Valentine's Day.  I know some bloggers are doing a Cybils Challenge, trying to read all of the finalists before they announce the winners.  I think the kids & I will read all of the picture books, and maybe I'll get to the elementary/middle grade graphic novels, too, which Skye may also read.  (Hey, I just noticed I've read two of the five nominees already, and I'm in the middle of a third!)  Check out past finalists and winners in the sidebar on the Cybils website.  They've been doing this since 2006.

School Library Journal's Battle of the Kids' Books

I've been peeking in here, hoping for some news, and guess what?  They posted a little update yesterday!  Hooray!  Can't wait to see the titles that will be facing off this year.  I'm not sure when they announced the contenders last year, but the battles started on March 15.  (While you're waiting along with me, check out the 2010 and 2009 battles.)

The Morning News' Tournament of Books

Currently, the link above sends you to the announcement about this year's contenders & judges in the tournament of books.  The website still shows the final battle from 2011, and if you haven't ever followed it, that's not where you should start, so instead I'll link you to the pre-game primer from last year.  From there, you can travel down the right sidebar (no peeking!) and relive the magic.  At the bottom of the sidebar you'll find links to all the tournaments; they go back to 2005.  Last year, the opening round started on March 8.

The Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award

This is a children's choice award.  There are two book lists of nominees, one for grades 3-5, and one for grades 6-8.  Kids need to read at least three of the titles, and then they can vote for their favorite through their library or school.  (We are doing this with the kids' book club I co-lead at our neighborhood library.)  The winners are announced every year on Maud's birthday, April 25. The list of past winners goes back to 1980.

Have you been inspired to read any books because of battles like these?  I'm sure I'll be writing more about these contests as we progress through the winter.


Linda at teacherdance said...

Thanks for your comment about A Wrinkle In Time. I'm excited to hear that high school students read & enjoyed the book. And I love your review of all the awards and battles. I hadn't heard of some of them. I have read When You Reach Me and thought it was fabulous, a real mystery of the heart.

Alice@Supratentorial said...

How fun! I've never heard of any of these except the Cybils, which I am having a great time following this year. Thanks for the links.

Jim Randolph said...

I love the Tournament of Books and the rest. Always entertaining and thought-provoking. And yes, I have indeed read Readicide!


Caryl said...

Linda, we have both middle & high school students in our group, and they all enjoyed it. They loved the character of Charles Wallace, and my daughter really relates to Meg. I was fun to read both the L'Engle and the Stead with them.

Alice & Linda, glad to introduce you to some new fun with books!

Jim, don't you love the essays and commentary for the ToB? I'm putting Readicide on my TBR list again -- one of those books I expect will make me shout out loud: "Right on, Mr. Gallagher!"