Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Reading Year, 2013

The only official goal I set this year was on Goodreads, where I challenged myself to read 100 books in 2013.  (This sounds like a lot, but I read so many kids/YA books, including graphic novels, that this is a reasonable goal for me.)  I made it!  I read 140 books in 2013.  Here's a break-down of those books:  47 grown-up books, 33 YA books, and 60 "kid lit" books.  Also, 13 of those 138 books were re-reads for me.

I always have a goal to read aloud with my kids, and I did pretty well with this.  I read 14 chapter books aloud to them this year, and we listened to 7 audiobooks this summer.

I read quite a few books this year that I've been meaning to read for awhile, and most of them ended up on my "favorites" list for the year (see my next post).  I am very happy to say I have finally read Kurt Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan, a book my husband has been encouraging me to read since I met him; we visited the Vonnegut Library in Indianapolis this summer, so it was good timing.  I am especially proud to have completed No Plot? No Problem! along with writing a NaNoWriMo "novel" in November.  I've been meaning to try this forever!

However, I have many Persephone books, but I only read three of them this year.  I think I'll set a goal to double that number next year.

I just counted, and 26 of the books I read this year are ones I'd truly consider "shelf-sitters."  Not bad!

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