Friday, February 27, 2009

The Morning News Tournament of Books, 2009

Jennifer told me about the Tournament of Books a few years ago, and every year I watch it more closely. The idea is this:

...take 16 of the most celebrated and highly touted novels of the year, seed them in a March Madness-type bracket, conscript them into a “Battle Royale of Literary Excellence,” and, in honor of David Sedaris’s brother, present the author of the winning book a live rooster.

The contenders have been announced, the judges are ready to go, and you can even download and print out the brackets to fill in your own guesses.

The Tournament begins on Monday, March 9th, and will launch here.

Which book do you think will win?


Michelle said...

HI Caryl,

I'm finding my way back to the blogosphere after quite a silence....thought I'd drop by and say "Hi".

How is Parenting Beyond Belief??

Caryl said...

Hi Michelle!

I read just one or two essays in Parenting Beyond Belief before having to return it to the library. I liked it, and will check it out again soon.